The Often Overlooked Dangers of Drowsy Driving

Sunday, November 18, 2012
While behaviors like driving beneath the influence of medicine or alcohol and distracted driving ar typically mentioned as serious dangers whereas behind the wheel, drowsy driving receives very little attention. Driving tired is unnoticed as a significant threat to driving safety, although national statistics have shown that drowsy driving is truly one in all the biggest causes of significant and fatal accidents, taking part in a main role in one in six fatal accidents. although far more rife among younger drivers, most are prone to the harmful effects of driving once your body is in desperate would like for rest.

Driving tired impairs your ability to suppose clearly and build correct selections on the road, very similar to alcohol will. This lack of concentration also can lull drivers into creating additional dangerous risks on the route that have a far larger probability to cause a crash. sleepiness will seriously inhibit your reaction times, creating you much more prone to collisions with obstacles that you simply would have otherwise been able to avoid if absolutely unweary. Your vision is additionally negatively affected, creating it tougher to spot oncoming dangers, particularly in the dark.

Though some drivers acknowledge the danger of those potential threats, most overestimate their ability to beat them. this may produce even larger damage, as drivers plan to fight through dangerous conditions at the expense of others on the road. If you too tired to drive, you must keep one's eyes off from the road, and find the remainder you wish to be able to provide your full concentration to the road ahead.

Some of the foremost common signs of drowsy driving embrace issue basic cognitive process the last many miles driven, missing state highway exits or traffic signs, issue keeping eyes open, recurrent yawning and rubbing of the eyes, drifting in lanes, and disconnected and wandering thoughts, actuation your focus far from driving. If you're experiencing any of those symptoms, you must look to finish your journey as quickly as potential, finding an area to securely exit active lanes and find some abundant required rest.

To prevent drowsy driving, make certain to induce a full nights rest before taking an extended journey. you must additionally look to avoid long journeys throughout traditional sleeping hours, as your body are going to be desirous to delay. In some things it is not possible to avoid journeys at odd hours for long periods of your time, within which case it becomes vitally necessary to avoid ingestion serious foods before embarking, moreover as take frequent breaks to forestall yourself from being lulled to sleep. If potential, travel with a companion WHO will keep you awake and alert, and may take over the driving responsibility once you ar too tired to travel on. Avoid medications with drowsy facet effects moreover.

By understanding the risks of drowsy driving, you'll shield yourself from compromising things wherever your safety is in danger. If we tend to still read tired driving as nothing quite AN irritation, we are going to still fall victim to that. By raising awareness and applying the proper preventative measures, we are able to improve the security of our roads and withdraw the amount of accidents that litter our streets annually.


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    Plus you must always remember to drive with your window down.. try sleeping with wind gushing by your face.

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