The 5 Worst Driving Habits in the UK

Sunday, November 18, 2012
Do you have any dangerous driving habits? the majority can tell you that they're sensible drivers. In fact, some sources recommend that up to ninetieth of drivers suppose they're a 'good' driver. Another study found that ninety three of american citizens thought they might rank within the high five hundredth for driving ability. thus why do I continuously appear to be sharing the road with the rubbish 7-10%?

Regardless of however you imagine your own driving ability, it's terribly simple to identify dangerous driving habits in others. Having spent infinite hours sitting aboard complete strangers whereas they check drive cars, here square measure my '5 Worst Driving Habits'. this is often not concerning blatant transgression activity (drink driving, texting whereas driving, barrelling through a college zone at 150mph, etc.), however rather the everyday driving habits folks appear to develop, either consciously or unconsciously. though they'll appear harmless, most of them do break the law at some purpose, and might cause a dangerous scenario on the road.

Bad Driving Habits No. 1: Speed up, slow down, speed up, slow down

If you utilize controller after you drive, this habit is incredibly simple to identify in others. what percentage times have you ever passed somebody on a superhighway, solely to own them return flying past you once more some minutes later?

This dangerous driving habit is additionally simply found in taxi drivers round the world. for a few reason, each taxicab driver appears to suppose that driving consists of slamming his accelerator flat to the ground, solely ever taking his foot off to jam it on the brakes. further as dramatically increasing fuel consumption and brake wear, it is dangerous if you're deed no margin for error by having to continuously brake heavily at the instant.

Bad Driving Habits No. 2: Pushing in

Driving in London is frustrating, as countless cars try and all build their means around and across the town. however some drivers appear to suppose that they need the correct to easily pull out into traffic and build everybody else brake for them. this is applicable to junctions, exits and superhighway lane ever-changing.

I like to suppose that i am usually a courteous driver. If I see somebody waiting to drag out at a junction or indicating that they require to maneuver into my lane, i'll slow and permit them in (obviously checking my mirrors 1st, to create certain i am not on the point of cause AN accident). however if somebody is making an attempt to push their resolution into the road or into my lane and easily expecting ME to slow for them, then they get no such courtesy. Same goes for folks pushing into queues at the instant, that brings ME to...

Bad Driving Habits No. 3: The unpunctual lane amendment

Last-minute lane changers sometimes make up 2 groups: the "Arrgh, this is often my turn-off RIGHT HERE!"; and also the chesty idiots UN agency merely attempt to push into a queue at the last potential minute to realize themselves a 13-second advantage by not waiting in line. the primary cluster square measure sometimes new the realm, and it does not trouble ME. a transportable satnav stuck to the screen is typically a giveaway, and given however slow some nav units square measure at giving directions, it isn't stunning that drivers do not get enough warning of their turn-offs. The second cluster (again, usually taxicab drivers) square measure merely terribly rude those who suppose they are being clever once truly they are showing a whole lack of respect for his or her fellow road users.

Last-minute lane changers square measure particularly dangerous for cyclists, because the driver might have a fast check of the mirror within the time unit before they swing across traffic, however the probabilities of them seeing a motorbike or scooter square measure non-existent.

Bad Driving Habits No. 2: Failing to present thanks to Pedestrians

It amazes ME that thus few drivers within the Britain respect the correct of means for pedestrians crossing roads at intersections. The codification states that cars should sink to pedestrians UN agency have already began to cross a road. this is applicable to cars turning each left and right into a junction. nonetheless it's rare to examine cars stopping for pedestrians, particularly cars turning right at AN intersection. As a automobile driver, it delays your journey by concerning three seconds to slow or stop for a pedestrian. there's no excuse for not giving thanks to pedestrians the least bit times, even once not strictly needed to by law - particularly if it's cold and descending outside whereas you are comfortable and heat in your automobile. constant applies to cars interference pedestrian crossings once stopped in traffic - there is simply no would like, and it forces pedestrians out of the crossing zone into potential danger.

Bad Driving Habits No. 1: Failing to stay Left Unless passing

This is most likely the foremost annoying of all dangerous driving habits on the road. Widespread failure to stay left effectively turns several multilane motorways into multilane roads, deceleration large volumes of traffic and increasing accident risk for big numbers of cars.

The UK codification states that drivers ought to "always drive within the left-hand lane once the road ahead is obvious. If you're passing variety of slower-moving vehicles, you ought to come back to the left-hand lane as presently as you're safely past." For left-hand-drive countries, clearly the method is that the same however in reverse. The principle remains "Keep to the within lane".

Driving within the middle or outside lane (either deliberately or through inattention) backs up traffic and contributes to tailgating. while tailgating is reckless and dangerous behaviour, slow drivers within the outside lane contribute to the matter by forcing cars behind to cut down. It conjointly contributes to endeavor, that is equally dangerous.

Bad driving habits is also the results of laziness or simply plain rudeness, however they'll be terribly dangerous for you and alternative road users. concentrate on the road and drive safely, respecting alternative road users around you, and also the world are a far happier place!

Stuart Masson is founder and owner of The automobile professional, a London-based freelance and impartial automobile shopping for agency for anyone wanting to shop for a brand new or used automobile.

Originally from Australia, Stuart has had a passion for cars and also the automotive business for nearly thirty years, and has spent the last seven years operating within the automotive retail business, each in Australia and in London.

Stuart has combined his in depth information of all things automobile-related together with his own expertise of commerce cars and delivering high levels of client satisfaction to bring a singular and private car shopping for agency to London. The automobile professional offers specific and tailored recommendation for anyone longing for a brand new or used automobile in London.


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